I have worked in organisational change and personal change for the last 20+ years. Working as a consultant or full-time employee in both corporate and government environments, large and small organisations in the US, Europe and Australia, has given me exposure to many different work cultures. I have worked in senior levels of management leading over 120 staff, as well as being the owner/director of small businesses over several years.

I have actively undertaken a path of personal and spiritual growth since my teenage years, following many roads, all aimed at learning how to be a more capable, peaceful, stronger and happier person. I began my coaching certification in 2009, with a desire to help everyone benefit from a greater understanding of the way we interact with our worlds, and to improve our capacity to make different choices in any given moment.

As a coach, I provide professional and knowledgeable expertise in a safe environment for people to explore your own character and improve the way you move about your world. Think Act Relate coaching gives you increased self knowledge and tools for ongoing self management; both personally and professionally.

Gender issues: individual and team coaching

Many people are struggling with rapidly changing standards and expectations regarding gender issues. If you are keen to improve your understanding of gender issues, including your ability to support and manage women in the workplace, you may benefit from working with a private coach. From a more informed standpoint, you will be able to better understand the gender issues impacting your workplace, and perhaps your life more broadly.

Do you want to:

  • ensure equity in pay and opportunity (especially if you are a manager)
  • understand changing work relationship etiquette
  • deal appropriately with low-level, casual harassment
  • assess your workplace culture and policies to support more equitable practices

If you (or your team) need a safe space to ask questions, from the basic to the profound, get in touch.