Change Consulting

In addition to my coaching work, I am also a senior organisational change manager and capability uplift consultant with experience implementing many large transformational programs for a range of clients in the public and private sectors.

Over the last fifteen years, my focus has been on organisational and cultural transformation designed to promote optimum support and participation from staff. This work has included culture change, ICT project change, leadership development, coaching, communication and training. I have led transformational change programs in Australia and elsewhere, including developing appropriate program governance and process improvement programs. Dancing On Hot Coals is my change management blog. 

To effectively transform organisations, it is not unusual for individuals within the organisation to also need assistance to transform themselves. That is why my business interests include both personal and organisational level transformation.

Program/Enterprise Change

Whether implementing a new program which will affect the day-to-day operations of staff and/or implementing fundamental business process change, I have experience with developing strategies to increase successful outcomes. I have worked with many change management models and can adapt to existing methods as required.

Steps for change consulting include:

  • assess existing state
  • understand required state
  • create narrative
  • develop change and implementation strategy
  • create stakeholder engagement plan
  • develop communication and training plans
  • establish feedback mechanisms

Gender equity

One growing area of organisational change is the implementation of gender equity. It has now become well known and understood that gender balance in organisational boards, as well as executive and managerial positions leads to better business performance.

Organisations wishing to make meaningful change need to look beyond simply amending recruitment and promotion policies. I can support organisations to implement the level of organisational and cultural change required to address the many barriers causing gender inequity.

Steps for gender equity consulting include:

  • assess existing levels of equity
  • perform cultural audit
  • assess policies for inherent bias
  • address unconscious bias
  • leadership training
  • assess suitability of quotas
  • determine new targets

If individual coaching is required (this is relatively common when working with gender equity), I have certification and experience helping people to develop the deeper skill sets required to support change.


Bringing two or more organisations together is rarely straightforward. A key factor in determining the eventual success of the merged organisation is the ability of the cultures to coexist and adapt until a new culture emerges. The ability to purposefully shape cultures over time is incredibly rare, and many leaders find that the management skills that brought them to their senior and executive roles are not the same skills that are required to manage deep culture change.

I have consulted on two of the largest Australian federal government mergers that have occurred in the last few years.

A new culture will always emerge: the question is whether it is a desirable culture. Spending effort upfront to deliberately shape that culture can pay enormous productivity dividends.

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