Fiona, Manager Corporate Services: I can confidently endorse Think Act Relate and the benefits of Q12. I went into my sessions with an open mind and willingness to engage, and was rewarded by gaining valuable insights into who, why and how I am. The Q12 is a powerful tool and with Jude facilitating, it is amazing how quickly one gets to the heart of things, leading to immediate results and change. As someone who is naturally change resistant, I have found it easy to set goals and begin enacting positive change after completing my sessions. Jude is a skilled, understanding and talented practitioner who offers the right amount of support and guidance to enable people to take charge of their own path.

Partner, large IT consulting firm: “I’m normally pretty cynical about these sorts of tools but this one – to my surprise – told me some things that I did not know, or perhaps had not admitted.”

Karan, Communications and Advocacy Officer: “The Q12 testing and mapping was incredibly insightful, particularly when it came to defining my ‘treadmills’. I was surprised to find I could even have ‘success’ treadmills. This was incredibly revelatory as I had achieved certain successes in my career but had wondered why there was little satisfaction in them. Jude helped me understand this, as well as the root causes for my preferred ways of operating, and how to rise above them – to choose different ways of being and acting.

I also learnt that I have strengths of which I wasn’t taking full advantage. Think Act Relate has set me on a path of ongoing growth and expansion.” Karan also wrote a blog post.

Director, large government organisation: “I came across Jude and Q12 at exactly the right point in my life. I had become increasingly aware of certain aspects of “me” that I wish I could change, but I didn’t seem to be able to address.   The tool as well as the debrief sessions have really helped me understand the underlying “why”  – to my surprise very accurately.  Two months on, and while I have not addressed all my Achilles heels, I am definitely falling into those old patterns less, and have a clear path for improvement in the future.”

“Jude has been a true inspiration. She is a strong and gentle woman, with the right mix between assertive and loving in her communications with me.”

“Jude creates an environment that I can speak into and be heard. She listens to me in such a way that I can explore my own thoughts and ideas fully without judgement or second-guessing myself. She is like a clearing in the middle of a forest where I can go for clarity and insight.”

“Working through the results of the tool, Jude has helped me embrace and be proud of who I am, and to “own” the things I have experienced to get me to this point. She showed true grace in opening my eyes to my Achilles heels, and working with me to lay down a plan for addressing them.”

“Jude has ground shaking / shattering incisive viewpoints.”

“Jude was excellent and she was able to distil my motivators and drivers succinctly … AND reassure me of my positive attributes and strengths going forward. She was discrete in her approach at very sensitive and emotional points. Excellent listener and provided such clarity. Would have no hesitations in recommending her.”

“Jude was really good at picking up on the undercurrents of what made me who I am … the top level stuff you usually know about, but change often depends upon what’s below the surface.”

“Jude is a very patient woman, caring, sensitive and graceful.”

“I thought the maps provided a fairly accurate description of my persuasions – and it reinforced that no one type is bad. I understand better the mechanisms that I have developed over the years to deal with various situations.  This in particular will help be a trigger point for me to stop and change direction.”

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