JumpStart: for teams

A new foundation for your team

Think Act Relate Pty Ltd can provide value for managers who wish to maximise the productivity of their teams, or to identify the additional core skills needed to bring a team into balance for optimum results. Many organisations are choosing personal and team skill based programs to support high performance of their teams, and are providing a team and individual oriented benefit which is directly applicable to the work environment.

We provide services suitable for

  • team building days
  • commencement of project teams
  • developing and supporting high performance team environments
  • understanding executive strengths and areas of opportunity
  • hiring to complement existing skills

The Q12 profiling system can provide lasting benefits for your team

Members of your team will receive

  • a greater level of personal understanding
  • facilitation of improved performance (results and people)
  • a deeper understanding of team dynamics
  • support in the development of specific leadership abilities
  • a recognition of the components required to achieve successful outcomes
  • increased respect for the attributes of other team members, and
  • an opportunity for ongoing team building and reflection.

The Q12 profiling system is a fresh alternative to personal and professional development, providing insights into the drivers of behaviour in an objective, non-judgemental framework that is easy to understand, interpret and gain client/team buy-in.

Where required, Jude can work with other certified professionals if a large number of people are required to participate in the program.

Contact Think Act Relate for a customised program to best suit your needs. Currently onsite team sessions are only available in Australia.

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