JumpStart: for couples


Would you like to know what makes your other half ‘tick’?

Think Act Relate provides couples with a powerful relationship tune-up using the Q12 profiling system, giving both people specific understandings to improve their communication and development as a couple. You will learn about your and your partner’s base drivers, strengths and motivators and we will identify the hidden thoughts and common traps that both partners can fall into.

This process will identify areas in life where you can shine together, and will provide specific tools to progress as individuals and as a couple.

Improve your communication

This program provides a greater understanding of the habitual relationship patterns between you and your partner, providing a platform for making different choices going forward. Couples are provided the same information that individuals receive, each partner receiving their own individual 60-70 page report, and our discussions also include the added dynamic of the specific issues within the couples’ relationship.

q12-experience Read more about the program here

For $AUS2,200 – you can dramatically improve the way you think, act and relate with each other (and with other people). You will:

  1. complete an individual online assessment (20-30 minutes)
  2. receive a 60-70 page individual report outlining your strengths and their accompanying lessons
  3. receive three sessions (1-2.5 hours each) for a deep-dive debrief of your reports as individuals, and also providing clear next steps for you to take in your relationship as a couple

Some couples find they have learned enough through the JUMPSTART process to keep them busy for years, and do not need ongoing support. Others prefer to have more support while they develop new habits, and would like further coaching. If particular specialist coaching or therapeutic skills are required, we can provide contacts to these people.

We can work with clients face to face (Australia) over the phone/Skype/Google Hangout.

Payment is accepted via BPay, Bitcoin or PayPal (below).

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