About Jude Burger

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Jude has worked in organisational change and personal change over the last 15+ years. She has worked as a consultant or full-time employee in both corporate and government environments, in the US, Europe and Australia. Jude has had experience at senior levels of management leading over 120 staff, as well as being the owner/director of small businesses over several years.

Jude has actively undertaken a path of personal and spiritual growth since her teenage years, following many roads, all aimed at learning how to be a more capable, peaceful, stronger and happier person.

The profound personal development and support provided by the Q12 profiling system is what inspired Jude to begin “Think Act Relate” in 2009, with a desire to help everyone benefit from a greater understanding of the way they interact with their world, and to improve their capacity to make different choices in any given moment. Choice is a powerful asset in our lives.

As the owner and principal consultant of Think Act Relate, Jude has been accredited by Core Dimensions to use the Q12 profiling system with her clients since 2009. She provides professional and knowledgeable expertise in a safe environment for you to explore your own personal character and improve the way you are in your world.

Jude is currently based in Canberra, Australia.

About the Q12 Profiling System

q12-experienceThink Act Relate Pty Ltd has been accredited by Core Dimensions to use the Q12 profiling system with our clients. Q12 considers three dimensions of human development – Concept, Action and Relationship. Each of these dimensions has four quadrants of possible expression. Each quadrant has twenty possible scores, with over half a million combinations possible.

Core Dimensions administers the Q12 profiling system. As you can see on their website, the expertise inherent in its Directors is deep and profound, and they have distilled decades of transformational work into this powerful new approach. These people have been at the forefront of personal transformation and corporate change for decades, and each have worked with tens of thousands of individuals in more than 25 countries – helping these individuals to become the people, and the leaders, that they knew in their hearts they could become. They have been piloting the Q12 profiling system for many years with over 4,000 people (in 2008) in their own practice, and have now made it available to use in the broader world.

Rather than simply labeling behaviour or type as do most other programs, this program identifies the deep motivations that shape and drive our personalities, it provides perspective and a path that individuals can take (alone or supported).

The powerful Q12 profiling system identifies many common formative experiences that shaped the qualities we currently express in life, and specific strategies for how best to move forward. Clients are provided a 60-70 page report that outlines their position in each of the twelve quadrants; delving into detail in the quadrant/s the client is strongest.

In our discussions, we will develop specific, practical plans on how clients can grow and change for greater self mastery.

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